Feeding Program

With COVID-19 shutdowns preventing many people from working for their daily bread, there is a great need for basic food here. There are many organizations trying hard to feed people, but they can’t reach everyone . . . so we decided to jump in after seeing white flags in our pueblo.

White flags symbolize hunger and are hung outside a home to show that they are in need. Our feeding program expanded from giving out a few bags of food to white flag homes to feeding over 100 families every week! We couldn’t do it without our amazing donors, though!

Here’s a shot of the line of people waiting for food bags recently.

hungry people in Guatemala

Each food bag contains food for a family for one week. We usually include:

hungry family


2 lbs. beans

2 lbs. rice
2 lbs. Maseca (corn flour)
2 lbs. sugar
4 bags pasta
1 L oil
2 packets tomato sauce
1 bag salt
1 bag Incaparina (a nutritional drink)
12 eggs

It may not sound like a lot, but for these families, it can mean the difference between going hungry for a week and filling their bellies.