3 Ways You Can Help Guatemala


It’s no secret that Guatemala has a lot of people in need. They need medical care, they need food, they need love. You may feel that you’re too far away and you just can’t do much.

“If I were there, I could help,” is something we hear a lot. And it’s true. If you were here, you could buy food and hand it out. You could take a mother and her sick baby to the doctor. But what can you do if you’re NOT here?

1. Spread the Word

We’re just getting started and while the response has been amazing, we need to reach more people and let them know what is happening. This is where you come in. It costs nothing to share a post on Facebook, or to send our blog posts to a friend who may be interested. If everyone did this, we could quickly reach thousands of people.

2. Donate

This one is pretty obvious, but we run on donations, so if you can spare a few dollars to help us feed a family, it’s much appreciated. Just $12 will let us provide food to a family for a week.

Right now, we can only accept monetary donations (unless you’re in Guatemala, in which case, food and goodies are much appreciated!), but in the future, we’ll be accepting in person donations if you want to visit us and volunteer.

3. Host a Fundraiser

This is a huge one, but it can make such an impact. You can create a fundraiser in your town, church, school, etc. to raise money for Healing Hearts Guatemala. Even just hosting a remote movie night, where everyone chips in $2 can result in enough to feed several families.

And of course, we always appreciate your prayers, if that’s your thing. This isn’t easy and we do wish you could be here to help. But that shouldn’t stop you from helping at home! Thank you for everything you do.



  1. How much is a baby goat?

    1. I’m not sure how much a baby goat is. An adult goat costs roughly $150-200.

  2. All other organizations I donate to have a click button where I can pay through ViSa or PayPal. How can I donate to you? I know it should be but many of the people I’ve shared your website with will not get past this. You’ve suggested that one of the ways people can help us to donate but you haven’t shown them or told them HOW to do this!

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