Who are we? We’re a mixed family with Canadian and Guatemalan backgrounds, just trying to help our neighbors.

Genesis: Originally from Canada, Genesis stopped in Guatemala on her way to Brazil to learn Spanish. She volunteered in a long term care hospital and that’s where she first spotted Irving. Genesis is a writer and supports the family via freelancing.  She frequently works with medical teams as a translator and has a background as an EMT.

Irving: Guatemalan by birth, Irving is a musician and previously worked as a teacher. He’s the main driver and helps with the organization of the food donations. He’s also responsible for running the elderly meals to those in need.

Dorian: The couple’s oldest son is part of the reason they understand the difficulties of medical care in Guatemala. He was born with a birth defect that required multiple surgeries and it was through donations he was able to receive his last two life-changing surgeries. Now 14, he is a tireless helper when it comes to packing bags and supporting his parents by helping out around the house.

Dante: At 13, Dante is strong and provides a lot of the muscle for Healing Hearts. He can usually be found hauling sacks of rice and beans, or packing food bags for distribution. His compassionate heart also makes him the perfect person to help out with the Baby Boxes and preparing meals.

Dominic: The youngest member of the team is just 8, but he is always coming up with ideas to help people. He packs food bags and helps with moving them to the distribution location.